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Snow Hole Trips

A great way to spend a night out in the hills in winter. This two day trip will include winter hillwalking days combined with a night in a snow shelter. As well as an important skill to have for an emergency it is also a fun activity in it's own right. Snow shovels, saws, cooking equipment is provided. The second day we usually go through more winter skills or get to the summit of a Munro before heading back to civilisation.

It takes roughly half  the day to walk up to our snowhole location, depending on weather and snow conditions. The rest of the day is spent constructing the snow shelter. The more time spent on digging and shoveling the more luxurious our accommodation!

Can be tough work when the weather is bad outside, but within 30 minutes or so you can get a small shelter hollowed out and then it's inside to enlarge it

Relaxing after the hard work! After digging out the sleeping platforms it's making tables & chairs, plus of course our kitchen. Dinner time.


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